Troy Faulder
- Entrepreneur
- Online marketing expert
- eCom business expert
- Speaker
- Mentor / Coach
- Social media expert
My entire working life, my career has predominantly focussed on Sales and Marketing. I have owned and operated a number of highly successful businesses and I have held senior management positions as Head of Sales and Marketing for national organisation's where I have successfully grown businesses from $23m to over $70m within twelve month periods.

So why am I offering to help coach and mentor people on building a residual income? Put simply, to give back. I know all too well the struggles people can go through, to feel like you're all alone and the desperation people can feel when they lose everything or just can't ever seem to get ahead.

I have been in a position where I have lost absolutely everything, my home, my car, my job, even my freedom at one point in time. I know what its like to struggle and I want to make a promise to everyone that chooses to join my team that I will help you and guide you along every step of the way until you reach success, and that is my promise to you.

Becoming part of my team means I will personally help coach and mentor you through your training on how to be successful building residual income online. 

Above I have included information, training and tools to help you on your journey.  
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